Containers training ‘Getting Started with Containers’ available

Containers training ‘Getting Started with Containers’ available

Knowing how to work with containers is important for almost all IT professionals these days. Particularly before starting to work with Kubernetes you should have container knowledge.

Learning containers from the ground up

The containers training Getting Started with Containers covers all the items that are important for running containers, including using and creating container images, providing persistent container storage, and providing access to containers. This course will support you in gaining a sound understanding of containers.

Docker and Podman

There are plenty of tools available in the market to manage containers. In this course you will learn working with Docker and Podman to manage images and containers.

Topics containers training

Get yourself started on your containers journey with this course that is created with beginner and intermediate users in mind. Topics in this container training course are:

  • Understanding Containers
  • Exploring the Container Landscape
  • Getting Started with Docker
  • Performing Daily Container Management
  • Using Containers on RHEL
  • Managing Container Images
  • Managing Container Storage
  • Managing Container Networking
  • The Role of Container Orchestration

Getting started with containers

The self-paced containers training video course is available at InformIT and the O’Reilly platform.

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