Analyzing and Optimizing Performance on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux 7

Analyzing and Optimizing Performance on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux 7

February 16, 2016
6 sessions
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Analyzing and Optimizing Performance on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux 7 (6 online sessions)




In this online course you will learn

  • Analyzing performance with common utilities, including vmstat, iostat, mpstat, sar, gnome-system-monitor, top, powertop and more.
  • Analyzing performance metrics with the round robin database tool (rrdtool).
  • Using PAM and other mechanisms to implement restrictions on critical system resources.
  • Analyzing and setting kernel run-time parameters using /proc, /sys and sysctl.
  • Profiling hardware configurations using dmesg, dmidecode, x86info and sosreport.
  • Profiling and analyzing applications, using ps, strace, top and valgrind.
  • Configuring systems to run SystemTap scripts.
  • Managing process priorities, scheduler queues and nice values.
  • Managing and optimizing memory usage.
  • Analyzing applications performance data in order to select the application with the best performance characteristics.
  • Analyzing, optimizing and configuring disk subsystems for optimal performance.
  • Modifying kernel behavior by using alternate kernel module parameters.
  • Calculating network buffer sizes based on known quantities such as bandwidth and round-trip time and setting network buffer sizes accordingly.
  • Selecting and configuring tuned profiles.
  • Managing system resource usage using control groups.


Skill level

This training is for intermediate and advanced Linux administrators.


To take the most out of this course, you’ll need to have at least a Red Hat RHCSA knowledge and skills level. RHCE level is recommended.



After this training you

  • Know how to apply a methodology to analyze and optimize performance problems on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.
  • Have practiced your skills on different real life scenarios.
  • Know how to interpret the EX442 exam questions, as well as real life performance challenges to get to a real solution for these problems.


Dates & time

The course consists of 6 3-hour sessions on February 16, 17, 18 and March 1, 2, 3 from 3-6 PM CET / 9-12 AM EST / 6-9 AM PST.


The price to participate in this specific event is set to $ 1,200. (One-time only! Next time when I organize this training course the price will go up.)

Seats for this course are limited to 12 participants maximum.

About this training

This training is delivered as an on-line class.

You will attend the course in an on-line classroom for which you need a computer and an internet connection.

An on-line classroom experience is comparable to a real classroom, with the difference that you’ll be studying at the convenience of being at your home or office.

You will learn in live sessions and you will have the opportunity to ask any question you’d like.

During these sessions you practice your skills by doing different lab exercises in an online environment.

Every session will be recorded and as a course participant you’ll get access to the recorded sessions for as long as you need it.

I personally guarantee that you will be satisfied with this on-line classroom experience!

In the course you’ll listen to lectures, discuss with fellow students, and work on lab scenarios that give you the right impression of the level of skills that is required to pass the Red Hat ® RHCA ® exam about performance analyzing and optimization.

Register today as seats for this training are limited.

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Sander van Vugt has been teaching Red Hat, SUSE, and LPI Linux classes since 1994. He is best-selling author of numerous books and videos. Being an independent Linux trainer, author, and consultant he serves his clients all over the world or online from his home country The Netherlands.


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