Linux Under the Hood LiveLessons

Linux under the hood course

Linux Under the Hood LiveLessons


Skill level

Intermediate to advanced.


What you will learn

  • How to work more efficiently with Linux by understanding exactly how it works.


This course is for you if

  • You are an experienced Linux system administrator and you would like to know what Linux is really doing.
  • You are an operating system student and you would like to know how Linux works.


You will get the best results if

You have done any of my other Linux video courses, or if you have some experience with Linux already.


  1. How Linux is organized
  2. About C code, scripts and compiled programs
  3. Understanding Linux commands and how they work
  4. Understanding the Linux boot procedure
  5. Understanding Linux storage
  6. Understanding memory management
  7. Understanding processes
  8. Security
  9. Hardware initialization
  10. Looking closer at the kernel
  11. Understanding networking
  12. Performance optimization
  13. The future of Linux


Details content

For a detailed outline of this course, visit this page.



Learning path RHCA

This video training course is part of the RHCA Learning Path.

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