EX280 Advanced Labs Workshop

EX280 Advanced Labs Workshop

On Monday January 18th, from 2 – 7 PM CET, I will be hosting an EX280 Advanced Labs Workshop.

UPDATE: This workshop + Prerelease class is available as a recording (8+ hours)

The EX280 pre-release training which I hosted last week, was a great success and fully booked. I’ve received many messages from people who would have liked to participate, and I want to give those people another chance.

Workshop Outline

In this class we’ll work through the following labs:

  • Configuring ServiceAccounts and SCC
  • Configuring Edge routes
  • Configuring Passthrough routes
  • Configuring NetworkPolicy
  • Using Nodeselector
  • Automatically scaling Pods
  • Automatically scaling Pods
  • Applying Quota
  • Applying Limit Range
  • Modifying the default Template

Is this class for you?

This workshop is only for people who do have a decent understanding / experience with Kubernetes and OpenShift fundamentals. You will have to send me a message to convince me this is the case for you, before I can let you in 🙂


Before coming to the class, you will need to set up Code Ready Containers. If you cannot get access to a running instance of Code Ready Containers, it makes no sense to register, given the hands-on nature of this course.

Support Living Open Source Foundation and/or Diergaarde Blijdorp Zoo

This class is organized as a fundraiser for the Living Open Source Foundation and Diergaarde Blijdorp in Rotterdam – my childhood zoo that risks to disappear due to covid financial problems. Every participant is asked to make a donation to one, or both of the organizations before attending the class. No matter how big or small your contribution is, all donations that are given from the generosity of your heart are more than welcome and will support these awesome non-profit initiatives.

Please contact me at mail @ sandervanvugt.nl if you are interested to join this class.

Sander is an expert in the domains of Linux, Containers and Kubernetes, and Ansible Automation. He is a best selling author who has published many titles on these topics. Sander is also a technical trainer, teaching live classes on oreilly.com, and occasionally for customers around the world.