Exclusive hands-on Ansible Class on November 29th

Exclusive hands-on Ansible Class on November 29th

Ansible has rapidly evolved to one of the most important solutions for configuration management. With Ansible deploying software is more efficient and it allows implementing an easy-to-use standard for managing any IT assets.

Make yourself ready to get started with Ansible and sign up for this exclusive 3-hours Hands-on Ansible Online Class that is going to be your absolute best investment on this year’s Black Friday.

Why? I am glad you asked: By participating in this class you do not only invest in your skills and career, but you also give open source enthusiasts in Africa the opportunity to develop their skills and change their local economies.

Your participation fee is 100% donated to the Living Open Source Foundation!

So what is the participation fee for the Ansible Class? That is up to you. Like we wish to include everybody through the Living Open Source Foundation, I wish to include everybody in my classes. However, a donation is mandatory to attend this class.

To give you an idea on the impact of your contribution. In December a 3-day training event is organized in Malawi to prepare students to become LFCS certified and:

  • For 50 USD 3 students can be supported with food and drinks throughout the event.
  • For 100 USD, 1 student can come in from a remote location and be lodged during the event.
  • For 250 USD, the rent for the local Zambian training center is paid for a month.
  • For 600 USD, the new Zambian knowledge center can be staffed for a month.

Details Ansible Class

In this class you will learn the basic skills that are required for working with Ansible. The online class is for a small group of participants, highly interactive and no slides will be used. Basic knowledge or experience with Linux is recommended to get the most out of this class.

The online class is held on November 29 from 3PM-6 PM CET/ 9 AM-12PM EST / 6AM-9AM PST. A recording will be made and shared with you (if technology does not fail).

To ensure your seat, make your donation via Paypal to [email protected] and send an email with your name to [email protected] so I can send you the details for attending the training.

Contact me if you cannot make a donation via [email protected].

Support the Living Open Source Foundation

More information about the Living Open Source Foundation and ways to support us, can be found here.

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