Launch your Kubernetes career and prepare for your KCNA certification exam with these

Recorded video courses and Live training courses.

Recorded Video Courses

Recorded video courses can be purchased from PearsonIT Certification and InformIT, or viewed online with a subscription at The benefit of a recorded video course is that you can begin studying whenever you want and at your own pace.


Getting started with Containers


Getting Started with Kubernetes


KCNA certification

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KUBERNETES CERTIFICATION: 1. Getting Started with Containers

Get to truly understand containers.

Getting Started with Containers LiveLessons

Become a container pro with either Docker or Podman.

This 6-hour course starts off with an overview of the basics and key topics of what containers are and goes in depth of what working with containers entail.

Each lesson provides detailed training followed by a hands-on lab, so you can practice your skills and extend your containers knowledge.


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KUBERNETES CERTIFICATION: 2. Getting Started with Kubernetes, 3rd Edition

Learn how to use, deploy, and manage Kubernetes.

Getting Started with Kubernetes LiveLessons, 3rd Edition

Deep dive training to help you launch your Kubernetes career.

This 6-hour course is focused on equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed to get up and running with Kubernetes quickly.

You’ll learn using lecture and hands-on demos and labs.


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KUBERNETES CERTIFICATION: 3. Kubernetes and Cloud Native Associate

Now you master the fundamentals, it is time for your first certification to proof you understand Kubernetes fundamentals and concepts

Kubernetes and Cloud Native Associate (KCNA) Complete Video Course

The KCNA video course gives you an understanding of Kubernetes fundamentals and concepts to start working with Kubernetes and Cloud Native computing.

With 8 hours of video instruction, including labs, demonstrations, and lightboard explanations, this course also provides a solid preparation for your KCNA exam.


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Complement your training with the following courses:

For a quick overview of Kubernetes:

Hands-on Kubernetes LiveLessons 3rd edition

This course is all about giving you real-world skills for configuration and deployment, so you can tackle your Kubernetes projects head-on. It features over 4 hours of hands-on tutorials, complete with lightboard explanations and demonstrations, making it easy for you to start using Kubernetes right away.


For an understanding of Linux fundamentals:

Linux Fundamentals video course

Kubernetes comes from a Linux environment, and many of the things you'll be doing are interfacing with the Kubernetes command line. To be comfortable with that it's helpful to master Linux fundamentals.

For a deeper understanding:

Building and Managing Microservices with Kubernetes and Istio

Microservices is the right choice to run complex applications. Learn to run successful Microservices in Kubernetes and Istio.

Live Training Courses

The O’Reilly membership site offers live training courses. The benefit of live training courses is that the learning is always up to date on the most recent (exam) topics. When changes are made to the Kubernetes software, the live course will provide up-to-date information.

Live training courses are typically fast-paced. On the other hand, there is direct interaction, which allows you to ask questions during the training and, to some extent, adapt the teaching to your needs.


Containers in 4 Hours

Working with Docker and Podman


Kubernetes in 4 Hours

Get started with Kubernetes in 4 hours



Complement your training with the following live training courses:

For gaining practical experience:

Hands-on Kubernetes Deployment in 3 Weeks

Using real world Kubernetes solutions

For a strong understanding of working with Linux:

Linux Fundamentals Bootcamp

8-hour intensive bootcamp

For building microservices with containers:

Building Microservices with Containers, Kubernetes and Istio

DevOps orchestration with Docker, Kubernetes & more