Kubernetes Certification Video Training 2022

Kubernetes Certification Video Training 2022

The Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) video course is updated and upgraded to prepare you for the CKAD exam, and to become skilled to run applications on Kubernetes in your day-to-day job successfully.

CKAD Certification, the industry standard

Using containers has become the standard for running applications on any platform. Developers today are required to create applications that run on a container, which is managed by the Kubernetes platform. CKAD is the standard Kubernetes certification for developers.

Go beyond the CKAD exam objectives

While designing this course 2 key points were kept in mind. Firstly it needed to go beyond just the exam objectives, so that you also learn what matters in Kubernetes in real life. Secondly, Kubernetes should be mastered in the easiest way possible.

As a result this updated version contains a better integration of common DevOps technologies, including Helm, Canary deployments, Blue/green deployments.

Kubernetes made easy by working with YAML files

Also, the training course is enriched with a new philosophy to learn you how to replicate YAML files, instead of generating these from scratch. This allows you to get through the exam assignments faster and work more accurate.

Positive course reviews

The 2nd edition has just been released and the first reviews are in:

This is best course about Kubernetes I ever seen! Every part of the video is created to help people to get more experience and be more confidential with the topic. I will recommend it for everyone who preparing yourself to take the exam.

O’Reilly Online Learning Reviewer

I always use Sander’s sources. This is great and provides a good foundation for the CKAD. You should do some more research, reading, and execution of practice exercises in addition. I passed utilizing this.

O’Reilly Online Learning Reviewer

Dutch Master Sander, As always spectacular class — your idempotent, focused, spontaneous style makes you THE BEST Linux-K8S-Ansible DevOps instructor of the 130+ IT classes I’ve taken on OReilly-Pluralsight-Udemy-LinkedInLearning.

O’Reilly Online Learning Reviewer

Certified Kubernetes Application Developer, 2nd Edition

The CKAD course topics are
– Container Fundamentals
– Kubernetes Essentials
– Building and Exposing Scalable Applications
– Advanced Kubernetes
– Certified Kubernetes Practice Exams

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Sander is an expert in the domains of Linux, Containers and Kubernetes, and Ansible Automation. He is a best selling author who has published many titles on these topics. Sander is also a technical trainer, teaching live classes on oreilly.com, and occasionally for customers around the world.