Learn Ansible for beginner to intermediate

Learn Ansible for beginner to intermediate

With Ansible you can automate about anything. This 13+ hours Ansible course covers it all. Learn Ansible from the basics for beginners to the advanced Ansible topics.

Learning Ansible

Ansible is the leading solution for configuration management. With Ansible you can automate assets in an environment-including Linux, Windows, Cloud, Network Devices and more. It also works as an application-deployment tool enabling infrastructure as code. Basically everything you need to know about automating with Ansible is covered in this course.

Learn Ansible step by step

In this course you will learn Ansible from the ground up. So whether you are a novice or an experienced developer, administrator or user, this is the course that will help you to get the most out of your Ansible solutions and playbooks and manage your heterogeneous environment. This course is also a deep-dive into the topics covered in the Red Hat Ansible best practices exam (EX447).

Module 1: Getting Started
– Preparing your Managed Infrastructure
– Using Ad-Hoc Commands in Ansible
– Using Ansible Playbook
– Using Ansible Tower

Module 2: Developing Flexible Playbooks
– Working with Variables in Playbooks
– Using Conditionals in Playbooks
– Managing Files in Playbooks
– Using Roles and Collections in Playbooks

Module 3: Advanced Ansible Management
– Using Filters in Ansible
– Using Plugins in Ansible
– Advanced Tower Usage

Module 4: Managing Heterogeneous Environment with Ansible
– Managing Windows with Ansible
– Managing Azure with Ansible
– Managing Containers with Ansible
– Managing AWS with Ansible
– Managing Network Devices with Ansible
– Managing Virtual Machines with Ansible
– Managing Kubernetes with Ansible

Every lesson contains multiple practical examples that show how Ansible is used in the real world. At the end of each lesson, you can practice your new skills with an exercise.

Start learning Ansible online today

The course Ansible: From Basics to Guru is now available on InformIT.

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