Learn Kubernetes with this new Kubernetes course

Learn Kubernetes with this new Kubernetes course

The 3rd edition of the Kubernetes course ‘Getting Started with Kubernetes’ provides six hours of deep dive training to learn Kubernetes.

Learn Kubernetes

Kubernetes has become the worldwide standard for running containers in on-premise data centers or the cloud. So, mastering Kubernetes is not such a bad idea. Since a new release of Kubernetes is available every 4 months, it is important you learn the basics in an up-to-date course. With this course, you know you will learn the relevant topics to start working with Kubernetes.

Compared to the 2nd edition, this Kubernetes course version focuses more on application management. Also, you’ll get plenty of practical tips that make working with Kubernetes easier. For example, you’ll find more details about helm, operators and custom resource definitions, as well as common strategies for working with Kubernetes that are important in any environment, like canary deployment and blue/green deployments.

Kubernetes course

This all-new 3rd edition offers a complete overview of everything needed to start working with Kubernetes, including:

  • understanding a server-oriented infrastructure;
  • how Kubernetes allows companies to deploy applications quickly and efficiently in containers;
  • how you can get started with Kubernetes.

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