LFCE Video Course – Learn Linux For Any Linux Distribution

LFCE Video Course – Learn Linux For Any Linux Distribution

Linux Foundation Certifications prove you master Linux on any distribution system. The LFCE Video Course prepares you for all the objectives on the LFCE Exam.

As a Linux Certified Engineer you have mastered Linux very well and you are capable of programming for the Linux kernel and operating system.

Are you ready for your next step in your Linux career?

Is it your goal to deepen your Linux skills or prepare for a new Linux certification to improve your career opportunities, then this LFCE Video Course is for you!

LFCE Video Course

The Linux Foundation Certified Engineer (LFCE) Complete Video Course has 10 hours of comprehensive video training, which includes whiteboard concept teaching, live CLI work, screencast teaching, hands-on labs, and practice exam walk-throughs.  The video course provides you with all tools and training to study for and pass the LFCE exam.

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