Start learning Linux and prepare for your LFCS certification exam with this online video course:

LFCS video course

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Linux fundamentals and LFCS certification topics

Learn to work on any Linux distribution system and prepare for the LFCS exam.

Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator Complete Video Course

Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS) Complete Video Course has 21+ hours of comprehensive video training – which includes whiteboard concept teaching, live CLI work, screencast teaching, hands-on labs, and practice exam walkthroughs. Covering the Linux basics in Linux Fundamentals LiveLessons (10 hours) and a full review of all Linux Foundation LFCS topics, this course provides everything you need to study for and pass the LFCS exam.

You will gain an in-dept understanding of all topics on the Linux Foundation LFCS exam, as well as a deeper understanding of Linux. The combination of video and labs is a unique offering that gives you a full toolkit to learn and excel on your exam.


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