Linux for beginners: master Linux fundamentals

Linux for beginners: master Linux fundamentals

The first edition of the Linux Fundamentals course came out in 2019 and has helped many students to kick-start their Linux career. This 2022 edition is updated, using Ubuntu 22,04 as well as CentOs / RHEL9.

Quick-start your Linux career

Working towards a career in Linux? This video course is a great start to learn Linux for beginners. The course provides you with the foundational knowledge of Linux you need to start your Linux career. It includes coverage of Linux basics, concepts, practices, and theories for a solid introduction into Linux.

Linux for beginners: learn Linux from the ground up

In over 10 hours of comprehensive video training you’ll be explained everything you need to build a strong understanding of working with Linux. This full-featured video course includes a combination of active Linux demonstrations, lightboard instruction, and hands-on labs. It provides you a full toolkit to enhance your learning and provide a seamless path forward should you want to get certified for Linux.

Module 1: Essential Commands
Lesson 1: Installing Linux
Lesson 2: Using Essential Tools
Lesson 3: Essential File Management Tools
Lesson 4: Advanced File Management Tools
Lesson 5: Working with Text Files
Lesson 6: Advanced Text File Processing
Lesson 7: Connecting to a Server
Lesson 8: Working with the Bash Shell

Module 2: User and Group Management and Permissions
Lesson 9: User and Group Management
Lesson 10: Permissions Management
Lesson 11: Storage Management Essentials

Module 3: Operating Running Systems
Lesson 12: Managing Networking
Lesson 13: Working with Systemd
Lesson 14: Managing Software
Lesson 15: Managing SSH
Lesson 16: Managing Time
Lesson 17: Process Management
Lesson 18: Scheduling Tasks
Lesson 19: Reading Log Files

Learning Linux fundamentals for Linux beginners

The course Linux Fundamentals, 2nd edition is available on Pearson IT Certification.

What’s after Linux fundamentals?

After mastering Linux Fundamentals you are ready to study for a Linux entry certification exam. For example RHCSA, Linux Foundation, CompTIA Linux+ certification, or other entry-level Linux exam. Your Linux journey has only just begun!

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