Living Open Source Zambia 2018 University Lusaka

Our mission

The Living Open Source Foundation is founded to educate local talent in African countries as Open Source professionals, which allows these individuals to start their professional career and help local economies to accelerate by using the free of use open source software.

Our mission is to educate people, with a focus on individuals and regions that haven’t had their chance to claim their role in the worldwide economy.

An ITGilde initiative

The Living Open Source Foundation was founded in the Netherlands, and currently is directed by Sander van Vugt and Pieter Izeboud. Santos Venter from Zambia is representing Living Open Source Foundation locally in Zambia and we are expanding to other African countries quickly.

Education and community

We provide training to enthusiasts and support the establishment of local communities.

The aim is to create local Living Open Source knowledge centers to organize education in the local market and unite ambassadors that reach out to local enterprises, governments and non-profit organizations to foster the growth of Open Source software.

4 Ways you can support the Living OpenSource Foundation

1. Sponsor an event

Get in front of the Living Open Source Audience and receive free tickets for the Living Open Source event.

Scheduled events: Kenya (December 2019), Malawi (December 2019) Rwanda (May 2020).

More information about sponsor packages:


2. Donate

Your gifts will be used to cover the personal expenses of participants in training events in order to make it possible for talent from remote locations to travel in, be lodged and eat and drink.

Ask your accountant about making tax-deductible donations.

Bank account: NL63 RABO 0341 2923 54, bank account holder name: Stichting Living Open Source
Paypal:, or use this QR code:

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3. Hire Sander van Vugt, profit goes to Living Open Source Foundation

Get Linux expertise from Sander van Vugt such as on-site training, consultancy or anything that helps you forward and let Living Open Source Foundation profit from your investment.

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4. Become a friend of Living Open Source Foundation

Becoming our friend is easy. Talk to your friends and contacts in your network about us and find ways to support the Living Open Source Foundation like organizing free publicity, free advertisement etc.. If you are interested in supporting our mission, we would love to connect with you and your connections are invaluable to us to spread the word and the good work.

Living Open Source Foundation

Are you Living from open source? Start Giving!

The work of the Living Open Source Foundation can only be done thanks to the help of your donations and sponsor contributions.

Feel free to contact us.