New Video Course about Modern Container-Based DevOps

New Video Course about Modern Container-Based DevOps

Want to learn building Microservices? This practical course is just focused on that and will teach you how to work with containers (Docker), as well as Kubernetes.

Where my other Kubernetes have the focus on providing complete information to get you started, the approach of the course Modern Container-Based DevOps course is more practical and focus is on building Microservices.

As a result, the focus in the Kubernetes part of the course is on decoupling: making sure that you applications don’t have any site specifics, which makes them easy to implement in other environments as well, by using specific Kubernetes resources like Persistent Volume Claims, ConfigMaps and Secrets.

This course can be taken independently of any of my existing courses, but it can also be used as a practical introduction, either for or after getting more details in my Hands-on Kubernetes or Getting Started with Kubernetes video courses.

Full training outline Modern Container-Based DevOps: Managing Microservices using Kubernetes and Docker.

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