Linux for beginners: master Linux fundamentals

The first edition of the Linux Fundamentals course came out in 2019 and has helped many students to kick-start their Linux career. This 2022 edition is updated, using Ubuntu 22,04 as well as CentOs / RHEL9.

Prepare for your RHCSA 9 exam

Since the beginning of June 2022 Red Hat offers RHCSA for RHEL 9. Although it takes some time to update course materials, this is how you can successfully start preparing for your RHCSA 9 exam today.

Learn Ansible for beginner to intermediate

With Ansible you can automate about anything. This 13+ hours Ansible course covers it all. Learn Ansible from the basics for beginners to the advanced Ansible topics.

Kubernetes Certification Video Training 2022

The Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) video course is updated and upgraded to prepare you for the CKAD exam, and to become skilled to run applications on Kubernetes in your day-to-day job successfully.

Run successful Microservices in Kubernetes and Istio

The ‘Building and Managing Microservices with Kubernetes and Istio’ video course covers the topics you will need to run successful Microservices in Kubernetes and Istio.

Practice key RHCSA tasks to prepare for the RHCSA exam

Are you ready for taking your RHCSA exam? Find out by doing these challenges and practice key RHCSA tasks that you’ll need to master when taking the RHCSA exam.

Become skilled at RHCSA with interactive scenarios

No matter where you are in your RHCSA learning journey, at some point you most likely are eager to experience some situations yourself, instead of passively watching videos or reading from a text book. Try one of my interactive scenarios if you are into some action!

The best way to learn Kubernetes

The best way to learn Kubernetes is by taking in new information and knowledge in different ways so newly acquired Kubernetes concepts become easy to understand and will stick longer. My novel interactive scenarios will support you in this process.

RHEL 9 Beta version is available

Recently Red Hat released Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 in Beta version.

Containers training ‘Getting Started with Containers’ available

Knowing how to work with containers is important for almost all IT professionals these days. Particularly before starting to work with Kubernetes you should have container knowledge.

RHCSA certification guide RHEL8

Becoming a Red Hat Certified System Administrator – or RHCSA in short – can be achieved after successfully passing the RHCSA EX200 exam. This RHCSA exam is a performance-based exam testing your system administration knowledge across all Red Hat products.

Introduction to Kubernetes Video Course

Find out how you’ll benefit from the ‘Modern Container-Based DevOps: Managing Microservices using Kubernetes and Docker’ Video Course.