Online Video Course to learn Ansible automation

Online Video Course to learn Ansible automation

Ansible makes it easy to improve scalability, consistency and reliability of your IT environment.  Learn Ansible automation which is one of the most used systems for configuration management. Although Ansible is easy to learn, you still need to learn a lot. This Ansible Certification online course covers Ansible fundamentals and Automating with Ansible topics.

Ansible Certification online course topics:

After completing the Ansible Certification Complete Video Course: Red Hat EX407 you know:

  • Getting started with Ansible
  • Understanding Ansible architecture
  • Working with playbooks
  • Working with variables, inclusions, and task control
  • Using flow control, conditionals, and Jinja2 templates
  • Setting up Ansible-based DevOps Environment
  • Working with advanced Ansible features
  • Optimizing and troubleshooting Ansible
  • Using Ansible Tower

For a complete overview of the modules check out the course page.


Red Hat EX407 resource

Become Ansible certified to prove you’re skilled to successfully automate, configure and manage Ansible.

This course can be used as a secondary resource to get you started studying for the Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Ansible Automation (exam 407).

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