Online Video Training Course Kubernetes

Online Video Training Course Kubernetes

Getting Started with Kubernetes LiveLessons offers a complete overview of all that is needed to start working with Kubernetes. This Online Video Training Course Kubernetes by Sander van Vugt is now available.

Standard for container orchestration

Containers are taking over the traditional IT Environment to bring new software to users. Kubernetes was developed as an independent solution to manage and orchestrate containers in the corporate data center. As the source code has been donated to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Kubernetes has rapidly become the standard for container orchestration. It can be used within the premises of a corporate data center, but also integrated in all of the leading public cloud offerings.

6+ Hours of Video Instruction

The course explains why Kubernetes is needed, and how it is used to orchestrate containers. During the course, a lab environment is built using Minikube, thus allowing anyone to create a Kubernetes test environment.

Through lesson labs, demos, and whiteboard demonstrations, the course covers advanced topics, such as creating services, exposing Kubernetes Pods to external users, and integrating Kubernetes into public cloud offerings. It also provides an introduction to working with the API.

Topics Online Video Training Course Kubernetes

Topics of this Kubernetes Online Video Training Course include:

  • Understanding Container Orchestration
  • Working with Containers
  • Setting up a Lab Environment
  • Using Kubernetes Components
  • Scaling and Upgrades
  • Kubernetes Networking
  • Accessing Pods
  • Using Volumes
  • Setting up Kubernetes for Production
  • Exploring the API

For a complete overview of the module check out the course page.

Getting Started with Kubernetes Today

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Sander is an expert in the domains of Linux, Containers and Kubernetes, and Ansible Automation. He is a best selling author who has published many titles on these topics. Sander is also a technical trainer, teaching live classes on, and occasionally for customers around the world.