Start preparing for your RHCSA 9 exam

Start preparing for your RHCSA 9 exam

Since the beginning of June 2022 Red Hat offers RHCSA for RHEL 9. These training resources are available to successfully prepare for your RHCSA 9 exam today.

last update: September 18th 2022


You may be wondering what exactly is new between RHCSA 8 and RHCSA 9. Well, no matter how careful I looked into the exam objectives and from what I experienced during my own RHCSA 9 certification exam, I can’t find any major new topics being included.

What I do notice is a more subtle shift of attention to stuff that matters in Linux environments nowadays. Obviously, containers are a big topic, but also more traditional topics like SELinux and storage are still around.

Can you pass RHCSA 9 based on RHCSA 8 training resources?

Yes, this is totally possible, you can use my RHCSA Cert Guide or my RHCSA 8 Complete Video Course. But if you would like to use the most up to date materials, use my RHCSA RHEL 9 Video Course.

Do you have RHCSA 9 courses available?

Yes! My RHCSA RHEL 9 Complete Video Course is available on Pearson IT Certification and the O’Reilly learning platform.

On O’Reilly you can join me in my live RHCSA Crash Course from July 18 – 21 2023. Don’t expect me to tell you which questions are on the exam. I’m taking the non-disclosure agreement very seriously. What I will share is a bit about the topics on the exam, all based on the exam objectives as published by Red Hat.

Prepare for RHCSA 8 or RHCSA 9?

It is expected that RHCSA 8 will be around for at least another 6 months after the launch of RHEL 9, but since there is no major update for exam topics, I would encourage you to prepare for the RHCSA 9 exam to get your RHCSA 9 certification!

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