Prepare for your RHCSA 9 exam

Prepare for your RHCSA 9 exam

Since the beginning of June 2022 Red Hat offers RHCSA for RHEL 9. Although it takes some time to update course materials, this is how you can successfully start preparing for your RHCSA 9 exam today.


You may be wondering what exactly is new between RHCSA 8 and RHCSA 9. Well, no matter how careful I looked into the exam objectives and from what I experienced during my own RHCSA 9 certification exam, I can’t find any major new topics being included.

What I do notice is a more subtle shift of attention to stuff that matters in Linux environments nowadays. Obviously, containers are a big topic, but also more traditional topics like SELinux and storage are still around.

Can you pass RHCSA 9 based on RHCSA 8 training resources?

Yes, this is totally possible. If you’re eager like me to get RHCSA 9 certified today, you can use my RHCSA Cert Guide or my RHCSA 8 Complete Video Course for the moment.

And if you’re looking to get the most up-to-date information, join me in my live RHCSA Crash Course on O’Reilly from July 18th-21st. Don’t expect me to tell you which questions are on the exam. I’m taking the non-disclosure agreement very seriously. What I will share is a bit about the topics on the exam, all based on the exam objectives as published by Red Hat.

It is expected that RHCSA 8 will be around for at least another 6 months after the launch of RHEL 9, but since there is no major update for exam topics, I would encourage you to prepare for the RHCSA 9 exam to get your RHCSA 9 certification!

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