Preparing for RHCSA – This is how to become RHCSA

Preparing for RHCSA – This is how to become RHCSA

Would you like to work as a Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) but you do not know where to start? You will need to pass the RHCSA exam to become RHCSA certified and start working as a certified Red Hat System Administrator. This is how to prepare for the RHCSA test and become RHCSA, using my video courses.

These are the video courses that help you with your preparations towards taking the RHCSA Exam. If you pass the test successfully, you are entitled to call yourself RHCSA certified.

Start with learning Linux Fundamentals

Learning RHCSA - step 1 Linux system administration
Learning RHSCA - comptia linux plus, LPIC 1

If you have little or no Linux experience at all, then Beginning Linux System Administration or CompTIA Linux+ LPIC-1 Complete Video Course is your starting point for mastering fundamental Linux operating system skills.

The ComTIA Linux+ LPIC-1 course is an immediate deep dive into Linux system administration and can also be used to prepare for the CompTIA Linux+ Certification, LPIC-1 Certification, and Certified Linux Administrator (CLA) Certification.

Deepen your knowledge about Red Hat Enterprise Linux and prepare for the RHCSA Exam

Preparing RHCSA become RHCSA with this RHCSA video course

Now you know the basics of Linux System Administration, it is time to deepen your knowledge and broaden  your skills.

Learn to perform basic system management tasks, operate Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers, perform advanced system administration tasks and manage network services.

The RHCSA Complete Video Course prepares you to work as a system admin on Red Hat Enterprise Linux server and for taking the RHCSA exam.

Final preparations before taking the RHCSA Exam

become RHCSA your final prep for the RHCSA Exam

You have completed the RHCSA Complete Video Course, resulting in a solid understanding of all concepts. Since you have practiced as well, you think you are ready. Are you?

Probably! But if you would like to get an idea of what to expect during the RHCSA exam and get helpful tips to increase your chances of passing the exam at your first try, then this RHCSA Exam Prep Course will help!

Need for deepening your RHCSA skills?

Red Hat RHCSA ®/ RHCE® 7 Cert Guide

This Red Hat RHCSA ®/ RHCE® 7 Cert Guide provides more in-depth information about all of the RHCSA (and RHCE!) topics that are covered in the video courses, including 4 RHCSA practice exams (and 4 RHCE practice exames!).

What is next?

The next logical step for a RHCSA is becoming RHCE.

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