UPDATED: RHCSA 8 EX200 Exam Update

UPDATED: RHCSA 8 EX200 Exam Update

Recently a major update to the RHCSA EX200 exam was announced by Red Hat, which has become effective October 1st 2020. This is how to prepare.

Finally the current RHCSA EX200 Exam objectives are announced by Red Hat on their website.

In short: newly added EX200 exam topics are Containers (Podman) fundamentals and basic Shell scripting.

Now, your current RHCSA training materials may not cover these topics yet. Here is how I want to be of service to prepare you the best way possible for successfully taking your upcoming RHCSA EX200 exam:

Prepare with my RHCSA 8 video training course / cert guide:

The Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) Complete Video Course, 3rd Edition, is fully updated for RHEL 8, including new exam content covering managing containers and creating shell scripts. New and existing customers can access materials through their accounts on O’Reilly, InformIT, and Pearson IT Certification.

Significant content updates for the Cert Guide are now available in a new edition: Red Hat RHCSA 8 Cert Guide: EX200, 2nd Edition. Visit the Pearson IT Certification Red Hat Resource Center for special offers and discounts.

Self-study with video livelessons:

My Bash Scripting Fundamentals LiveLessons video course prepares you for the shell scripting topics in the RHCSA exam.

Learn in live training sessions:

With a subscription to learning.oreilly.com, you can acquire the new required knowledge through 2 live courses I’m teaching, or attend the RHCSA Crash Course to be fully prepared for the current RHCSA EX200 exam:

  • Bash Shell Scripting in 4 hours
  • Containers in 4 Hours: Docker and Podman
  • RHCSA Crash Course

Check this page for scheduled training sessions. Not a member of the O’Reilly online learning platform yet? Get a 10 days free trial here.

Recording virtual classes:

If you only need to be updated on the 2 newly added topics, watch the recordings of the workshops that took place on October 2020 through ITGilde Gurus:

Get access to a session for EUR 109 each.

Sander is an expert in the domains of Linux, Containers and Kubernetes, and Ansible Automation. He is a best selling author who has published many titles on these topics. Sander is also a technical trainer, teaching live classes on oreilly.com, and occasionally for customers around the world.