You’ve invested in your future with my RHCSA Video Course, Cert Guide, or Live Training. Now, let’s bridge the gap to RHCSA Exam success with tailored guidance.

The RHCSA Challenge: Are You On the Right Path?

The journey to RHCSA certification is more than absorbing information from books and videos. It’s about understanding, applying, and excelling under pressure. Do you ever wonder if your study methods are truly effective or if you’re missing crucial insights? This concern is common among RHCSA candidates who realize that success lies not just in what you know, but in how you apply it.

Your Solution: RHCSA Personal Support Packages

Transitioning from understanding to applying can be the toughest part of your RHCSA preparation. That’s where the RHCSA Personal Support Packages come in. Designed as your bridge to certification, these packages offer a unique blend of personalized guidance and practical application, ensuring that you not only know the material but can masterfully apply it in your exam.

* Silver Package – Your Stepping Stone to Mastery

Send in 4 practice exams for professional feedback. Discover your strengths and weaknesses, and fine-tune your skills with my expert analysis. This is more than feedback; it’s a tailored strategy for exam success.

* Gold Package – Amplify Your Learning

Building on the Silver foundation, elevate your preparation with the privilege to ask up to 20 questions over a month. Your concerns, my insights—a perfect combo to clear your doubts and solidify your understanding.

* Platinum Package – The Pinnacle of Personal Support

Embrace the comprehensive Silver offerings with an extended boundary of 50 questions over three months. Crown your learning experience with an exclusive one-hour private online session with me. It’s not just support; it’s mentorship.

Limited Enrollment Window – Unique Mentorship Opportunity Awaits!

  • Secure Your Exclusive Spot: Limited availability ensures personalized attention and tailored guidance for your RHCSA journey.
  • Special Timeframe Offer: This unique opportunity is open only from November ’23 to February ’24 – seize the chance to optimize your exam prep during this period.
  • Direct Access to Expert Mentorship: This is your singular opportunity to be mentored me, gaining insights and advice that can make a real difference in your exam performance.

Available Packages

Silver Package - Sharpen Your Skills

  • 4 Unique practice exams, designed to challenge and prepare you
  • Personalized feedback on each exam submission
  • Insights on your performance to refine your approach and technique

With the Silver Package, you submit 4 practice exams for detailed feedback. You’ll discover your strengths and pinpoint the skills you need to hone, ensuring you’re exam-ready.

$100/PACKAGE *

Gold Package - Amplify Your Preparation

  • 4 Unique practice exams, designed to challenge and prepare you
  • Personalized feedback on each exam submission
  • Insights on your performance to refine your approach and technique
  • Up to 20 personal questions answered

Upgrade to Gold and get the added advantage of one-on-one query resolution. Your questions, whether they’re about complex concepts or practical applications, will be addressed, giving you a deeper understanding of the RHCSA curriculum.

$250/PACKAGE *

Platinum Package - The Ultimate Support System

  • 4 Unique practice exams, designed to challenge and prepare you
  • Personalized feedback on each exam submission
  • Insights on your performance to refine your approach and technique
  • Up to 50 personal questions answered
  • A one-hour private online coaching session for intensive support

The Platinum Package is the zenith of personalized support. It’s designed for those who want comprehensive guidance. With extended access to ask questions and a one-on-one session, you’re not just preparing; you’re mastering the RHCSA with an expert by your side.

$500/PACKAGE *

* All packages are exclusive of 21% VAT as per Dutch regulations, if applicable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for the personal support packages?

To make the most of the personal support packages, it’s essential that you’ve engaged with at least one of my resources – be it the RHCSA Video Course, RHCSA Live Training on O’Reilly, or my RHCSA 9 Cert Guide. Completing the exercises and practice exams within these resources is crucial for laying a solid foundation before you start the personalized support.

How do I apply for one of the packages?

Applying is simple. Just fill out the registration form. After your application is submitted, I will review it and notify you of your enrollment status within 3 business days. The enrollment opens on November 24th and is based on a first-come, first-served basis. Should the places be filled, you will automatically be placed on a waiting list.

What kind of questions can I ask during the support program?

Feel free to ask anything related to RHCSA exam topics. However, please note that I cannot disclose actual exam questions or answers. Our goal is to equip you with the skills and knowledge to successfully pass the exam with confidence.

How quickly will I receive a response to my questions?

You can expect a response within 3 business days. I am committed to providing timely and thorough answers to all your queries.

What is the turnaround time for receiving feedback on practice exams?

Feedback on practice exams is typically provided within 3 business days. However, to ensure timely feedback, please avoid submitting all 4 practice exams at once. Spacing them out will help me maintain the quality and speed of my responses.

What is the best way to schedule my personal support program?

Ideally, you should feel nearly ready for the exam before starting the support program. For the Silver or Gold package, beginning 1-2 months prior to your scheduled exam is recommended. If you choose the Platinum package, starting 3 months before your exam is advised, allowing ample time to refine your skills.

I have another question about these packages, how can I contact you?

Please send a message to