Run successful Microservices in Kubernetes and Istio

Run successful Microservices in Kubernetes and Istio

The ‘Building and Managing Microservices with Kubernetes and Istio’ video course covers the topics you will need to run successful Microservices in Kubernetes and Istio.

Most efficient way to manage and run Microservices

In 6+ hours of video instruction and labs you are introduced to managing and running Microservices in Kubernetes and Istio in the most efficient way.

Microservices to run complex applications

Building and Managing Microservices with Kubernetes and Istio LiveLessons starts with an overview of Microservices and why it is the right choice to run complex applications. The course will then discuss how to automatically implement Microservices using Kubernetes, a procedure that starts with source files in Git, before exploring topics of container images and how to build them efficiently. Lastly, it will also cover how to apply decoupling in Kubernetes for full implementation of automated and orchestrated Microservice environment.

Is this course for you?

Would you like to learn how to move from traditional applications that are installed on a server platform to orchestrated containers in a Microservices environment? Or are you a developer or DevOps engineer and are you curious to know what happens after the code is written, as well as administrators responsible for implementing the Microservices infrastructure? Than this course is for you!

Course topics

This is what you’ll learn:

  • Understanding Microservices
  • Using Git
  • Containers QuickStart
  • Understanding Container Orchestration and Service Mesh
  • Getting Started with Kubernetes
  • Creating Container-based Microservices in Kubernetes
  • Getting Started with Istio Service Mesh
  • Managing Microservices with Istio Service Mesh

Free video lesson: Containers Quickstart

On my YouTube channel you’ll find the lesson ‘Containers QuickStart’ in which you’ll learn:

  • Understanding Containers and Container Types
  • Understanding a Perfect Match of Containers and Microservices
  • How to get from Images to Running Containers
  • Understanding Container Images
  • Using Container Registries and Containers
  • Connecting Docker to Git
  • Lab + Solution on Using Containers

Study at your own pace

The video course is available through Inform IT. After your purchase you can start studying at your own pace immediately.

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