SELinux Guruclass: Running any application in SELinux

SELinux Guruclass: Running any application in SELinux

Online class May 8, 2 – 4 PM CEST

SELinux, or ‘Security-Enhanced Linux’ is a security architecture for Linux systems, allowing you as an administrator to have more control over who can access the system. With SELinux you define access controls for the applications, processes, and files on a system.

In this 2 hours online class you will learn how to secure any application by enabling it in an environment with SELinux.

For who is the class?

This class does NOT cover SELinux basics. Participants are required to have RHCSA-level working knowledge of SELinux. This knowledge can be obtained by watching the YouTube recordings I made about SELinux.

Do NOT join this class if you don’t have good understanding of SELinux yet!

What you will learn

  • Understanding SELinux Policy Modules
  • Generating SELinux Policy Modules with audit2allow
  • Using sepolgen to generate custom modules
  • Writing custom modules from scratch
  • Using custom modules to make any application work in SELinux


Registration for this SELinux class

To register for this class, make a donation of €100 (or more) to the Living Open Source Foundation. I am donating my time and make my expertise available to you for free, your registration fee is 100% for the benefit of Living Open Source.

After donating, send an email to

About the Living Open Source Foundation

The Living Open Source Foundation offers free training in Open Source related topics in Africa. Through our work we ensure that IT professionals in Africa get a chance at a real job, and by training people in Open Source in Africa, we also ensure that local governments no longer have to spend money on proprietary software, but that money to spend on improving the local economy.

To give you an idea of what the foundation can do with your contribution:

  • For 25 Euro we can provide lunch for 2 participants during one of our events.
  • For 100 Euro we can organize a transport from a remote village with 6 participants who can come to the event this way.
  • For 300 Euro we can fly in a talented local trainer to an event somewhere in Africa.
  • For 600 Euro we pay the salary of our Living Open Source lead in Africa for a month again.
  • For 1500 Euro we educate, support and mentor 1 women towards a honest paid job in open source, being the start of a future proof professional career.


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