The best way to learn Kubernetes

The best way to learn Kubernetes

The best way to learn Kubernetes is by taking in new information and knowledge in different ways so newly acquired Kubernetes concepts become easy to understand and will stick longer. My novel interactive scenarios will support you in this process.

Learn by doing

Learning is best done by doing, especially when you are preparing for a performance based exam such as CKA or CKAD.

Therefore, each lesson in any of my courses concludes with a hands-on lab assignment, which gives you the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the topic by getting hands-on experience.

Now, next to that I have created some new resources for you to practice and test your Kubernetes knowledge and skills. This new and fun way of learning is brought to you through scenarios. A scenario is a short, 5-15 minutes hands-on learning experience you can have – even if you are not completely familiar with the topic yet.

O’Reilly members can work through a procedure on machines that are made available via O’Reilly. The easiest way to get some hands-on experience!

Available CKA scenarios

  • Applying Quota to Namespaces and Applications
  • Creating a Manifest to run a DaemonSet
  • Changing the Network Agent and Applying Network Policy
  • Troubleshooting Node Access
  • Setting up a Kubernetes User Account and RBAC

Go to the Certified Kubernetes – CKA Scenarios playlist

Available CKAD scenarios

  • Configuring Pod Storage
  • Using Services to Expose Applications
  • Pod Troubleshooting
  • Using ConfigMaps
  • Using Canary Deployments

Go to the Certified Kubernetes – CKAD Scenarios playlist

When to use these scenarios?

The scenarios are great additional resources for you to get some real hands-on experience before, during or after completing any of my recorded Kubernetes video courses.

The scenario is set up in such a way you’ll get through an exercise before you may be fully familiar with a topic. This is what makes studying with scenarios so much fun. You’ll learn by practicing.

Also, you can use the scenarios to prepare yourself before attending a live session at O’Reilly. This way, you have made yourself familiar with the topic before starting the course which will make learning easier and long lasting.

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