Interactive learning with Scenarios and Challenges

Learning by doing is a very effective approach to master new skills. Especially if you are preparing for a practice-based exam. With interactive scenarios you can learn about a specific task by following a guided procedure in which you are walked through the steps in a supported environment. You can do this short 5-15 minutes hands-on exercise even if you are not completely familiar with the topic yet.

Interactive challenges are a bit more challenging in comparison to scenarios. Challenges are available in a real-world environment, designed to test your exam-readiness. Challenges are reviewed in the related live training courses at the O’Reilly platform. Try one out:

Live online training

Live training courses available through the O’Reilly media platform cover a wide range of Linux and open source topics. These sessions are always up-to-date to the latest developments and can be used complementary to my recorded video courses. The live training courses are highly interactive, fast-paced and the teaching can be adapted to the student’s needs – to a certain extent. Take a look at my scheduled live events.



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